Dr. Sanjay Jain

Dr. Jain specializes in Constitutional and Administrative law. He has a total teaching experience more than 19 Years. His areas of interest includes feminist jurisprudence & gender Justice with special reference to Indian situation, Comparative Constitutionalism, Sociological Jurisprudence, Disability Rights Jurisprudence, Human rights of Marginalized groups, Legal theory and jurisprudence and International Economic law. He is recipient of the national award in “Employee Category” on the occasion of World Disabled Day in 2004.

He is co-editor of the book “Basic Structure Constitutionalism: Revisiting Kesavananda Bharati”. He has participated in 15 International, 45 National, 47 State and 30 University/Local level Conferences, seminars, and workshops and presented more than 50 papers on contemporary legal and social issues.