Ms Vaijayanti Joshi, Principal

B.A. With Sanskrit from the Fergusson College, Pune. LL.B from ILS Law College, LL.M from the Pune... View Profile

Dr. Santosh Jaybhay

Dr. Jaybhay specializes in Law of Contract, Partnership , Sale of Goods and Law of Torts. He has teaching... View Profile

Dr. Kamlakar Waghmare

Dr. Waghmare specializes in Criminology, Constitutional Law, Human Rights. His total teaching experience is 14 Years. His area of interest... View Profile

Dr. Sanjay Jain

Dr. Jain specializes in Constitutional and Administrative law. He has a total teaching experience more than 19 Years. His areas... View Profile

Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar

Dr. Malegaonkar specializes in Administrative Law, Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Human Rights and International Law. She has more than 14... View Profile

Dr. Deepa Paturkar

Dr. Paturkar holds specializations in Business Law, Health Laws, Criminology, Penology, Laws relating to labour management relations. Her areas of... View Profile

Dr. Suvarna Nilakh

Dr. Nilakh specializes in Administrative Law and Business Laws. She has total teaching experience of more than 11 Years. Her... View Profile

Dr. Nitish Nawsagaray

Dr. Nawsagray has specialization in Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, and Jurisprudence. He has total teaching experience... View Profile

Mr. Dnyaneshwar Kendre

Mr. Kendre specializes in criminal law. He has a total teaching experience of over 8 years. His areas of interest... View Profile

Ms. Rajalaxmi Joshi

Ms. Joshi specializes in administrative law and business laws. Her total teaching experience is 4 years. Her area of interest... View Profile

Mrs. Swatee Yogessh

She specializes in Corporate Laws. Her areas of interest are Jurisprudence, Interpretation of Statutes, International Law and Legal Education. She... View Profile

Dr. Banu Vasudevan

Ms. Banu specializes in History and Law. She has a total teaching experience of over 16 Years. Her area of... View Profile

Ms. Divya Mittal

Ms. Mittal specializes in International Law. She has a total teaching experience of over 6 months. Her area of interest... View Profile

Mr. Ashish C. Pawar 

Mr. Ashish Pawar specializes in Linguistics and English Language and Literature Teaching. His areas of interest include General Linguistics... View Profile

Mrs. Shweta Chandrashekhar

Total experience- 3 and a half years. Worked as a Teaching Associate at the Department of Sociology, Savitribai Phule... View Profile

Ms Isha Saxena

Ms Isha specializes in  Criminal Law. She also holds Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic Science  and diploma... View Profile

Ms. Pronema Bagchi

Ms. Pronema Bagchi is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in English from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Her areas of interests... View Profile

Ms. Bhavna Wanre

Ms. Bhavna specializes in Human Rights Laws. Her areas of interest are international human rights, women and law and property... View Profile

Mrs. Varsha Khandagale

QUALIFICATION: B.Com., LL.M. (NET), Pursuing Ph.D. from SPPU CURRENTLY WORKING AS: Assistant Professor (Law) TEACHING... View Profile

Ms. Madhura Sawant

Madhura Sawant is a PhD scholar at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS). Her research areas include Migration, Urban... View Profile

Part Time Faculty

Ms. Medha Kolhatkar


Mr. Ajit Kulkarni


Mr. Shrikant Malegaonkar


Mr. Nitin  Apte


Visiting Faculty

Dr. Nilima Bhadbhade

Visiting Faculty

B.Com, LL.M., Ph.D.
Dr. Sita Bhatia

Visiting Faculty

M.A., Ph.D.,LL.M.
Ms. Smita Sabne

Visiting Faculty

B.Com, LL.M.
Ms. Laxmi Paranjape
Ms. Sathya Narayan
Dr. Jaya Sagade

Visiting Faculty

B.Sc., L.L.M., Ph.D.
Mr. Vilas Atre
Ms. Usha Ganesh

Visiting Faculty

M.Phil, SET
Mr. Rhishikesh Ganu
Ms. Rajashree Kare
Mr. Prateik Dhatrak

Charteretd Accountant

M.com, C.A., C.S., LL.B.
Mr. Nishad Umranikar

Visiting Faculty

Ms. Tejashree Vatharkar

Visiting Faculty

Ms. Deepti Dole

Visiting Faculty

B.Com, ACS, LL.B.
Mr. Gaurav Pingale

Visiting Faculty

B.Com , CS
Mr. Ashok Shelke

Visiting Faculty

BSL, LL.M., G.D.C & A

LLM Faculty

Code of Conduct for Teachers

Dr. Shaila Daware

Ms. Daware specializes in Law of Contract & Criminal Law. She has a total teaching experience of over 12 Years... View Profile

Ms. Swati Kulkarni

Ms. Kulkarni specializes in Business Laws (Law of Contract, Insurance law). She has a total teaching experience of over 12... View Profile

Mr. Rohit Bokil

Mr. Rohit Bokil specializes in International Law. His areas of interest are Public International Law, Private International Law, International Human... View Profile