Mrs. Swatee Yogessh

She specializes in Corporate Laws. Her areas of interest are Jurisprudence, Interpretation of Statutes, International Law and Legal Education. She is an alumna of ILS Law College. She holds an experience of more than fifteen years in teaching and academic administration. She has joined her alma mater after serving in various institutions in capacities like Head of Department – UG (MNLU Mumbai), Principal- In Charge, and Vice Principal (Balaji Law College), Assistant Professor in School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore and Symbiosis Law School, Pune. She has been Awarded ‘ERASMUS MUNDUS’ Scholarship of European Commission as a visiting scholar to LEIBNIZ UNIVERSITY, HANNOVER in 2009-10 and Certificate of Appreciation for “VALUE CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP” for academic year 2010-11, by Symbiosis Law School, Pune.


She has published research papers in various national and international journals, more than six Reading Materials for Law Schools and Government Institutions, and has participated in various conferences, seminars and colloquiums in India and abroad.